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6 Important things about singing #2

6 Important things about singing #2

關於唱歌的重要事項 #2

There are many different philosophies on what is most important when it comes to singing, but the most significant thing about singing is passion. It’s pulling the heartstrings of the person listening to the song. Here are the six main aspects to think about or to bring up to your own vocal coach:

2. Pitch

To a lot of vocal coaches and music teachers, they feel this is the most important thing. I have to disagree. It is important, don’t get me wrong, but I have heard a lot of amazing performances and the singer didn’t hit ALL the notes. Sometimes you just get lost in the performance, which isn’t a bad thing, but try your best to be mindful of your pitch, when you can.

Tips: Don’t be afraid to go for the note.

  • Even if you feel it’s out of your range. You never know, you might surprise yourself. If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. You may potentially wreck your voice permanently.

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關於唱歌最重要的是什麼不同的哲學,但唱歌最重要的是熱情, 因為它正在拉動聽這首歌的人的心弦。 以下是思考或培養自己的聲樂教練的六個主要方面:


對於很多聲樂教練和音樂教師來說,他們覺得這是最重要的事情。 我不同意。不要誤會我的意思,但我聽過很多精彩的表演,歌手沒有準確地唱出所有音符。有時候你只是迷失在表演中,這不是一件壞事,但是盡可能地注意一次你的音調。


即使你覺得它超出你的範圍。你永遠不會知道你是否能唱到那個音,你可能會令自己驚訝。 如果感覺不對,那就不要這樣做。你可能永久地破壞你的聲音。

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