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11 Health benefits of singing #4

11 Health benefits of singing #4


Singing brings joy to many people – but did you know that your passion for singing can lead to incredible benefits in your physical, emotional, and social health? Here are 11 reasons why singing is good for you.

Singing improves mental alertness

Improved blood circulation and an oxygenated blood stream allow more oxygen to reach the brain. This improves mental alertness, concentration, and memory. The Alzheimer’s Society has even established a “Singing for the Brain” service to help people with dementia and Alzheimer’s maintain their memories.

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Singing can widen your circle of friends

Whether you’re in a choir or simply enjoy singing karaoke with your friends, one of the unexpected health benefits of singing is that it can improve your social life. The bonds you from singing with others can be profound, since there’s a level of intimacy naturally involved.

唱歌給很多人帶來歡樂 - 但你是否知道你對歌唱的熱情可以為你的身體,情感和社交健康帶來難以置信的好處?以下是唱歌對你有好處的11個理由。


改善血液循環和氧合血流可以讓更多的氧氣進入大腦。 這可以提高精神警覺性,注意力和記憶力。阿爾茨海默氏症協會甚至建立了“為大腦唱歌”服務,以幫助癡呆症患者和阿爾茨海默氏症患者保持記憶。

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無論您是在合唱團還是只是與朋友一起唱卡拉OK,唱歌帶來的意想不到的健康益處之一就是它可以改善您的社交生活。 你與他人一起唱歌的關係可能是深刻的,因為自然會有一定程度的親密關係。

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