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3 Mindset that you should process on your journey of learning singing #2

3 Mindset that you should process on your journey of learning singing #2

學習唱歌的路上必備的3個心理素質 #2

On the journey of achieving your music dream, you will probably need different help, may it be vocal or music growing. Yet everyone is experiencing similar difficulties, so your mindset is most often the key in determining whether you excel or stall out.

2. Conviction

Conviction is a force. When a person has conviction towards what oneself is doing, what other people says or does will not affect him/her. Being easily mistaken as over-confidence or arrogance, real conviction comes from an inner knowing that no matter what happens, they are doing it for the music they love. They fully understand what they are doing and they are on the frontlines, determined to carve their path.

Action step: Try having more patience with your process. Identify where you are, and be with it. Musicians have 3 phases they are always going through. Phase 1 is the gathering phase. Phase 2 is the creation stage, the making of your record, building your artist persona and brand- and Stage 3 is the touring/promotional phase of getting out there with your music. Work on strengthening your inner conviction and be more present to your current phase. You will achieve your end result with thank you tenfold!

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在實現音樂夢想的過程中,您可能需要不同的幫助,這些可能是音樂技巧上或音樂發展上 。然而每個人都會遇到類似的困難,而你的心態往往是決定你結局的重要因素。

2. 信念

信念就是一種力量。當你對自己做的事有信念時,任何人說什麼或做什麼都不重要。信念很容易被誤認為是過分的自信或傲慢,但真正有信念的人內心明白無論發生什麼,他們所做的都是為了音樂 。他們充分意識並明白到他們所做的事,而且決定無論如何他們都會在最前線開闢道路。

行動:嘗試給你的過程更多的耐性。找出你的位置,並與之相處。音樂家總是在經歷三個階段。第一階段是收集。第二階段是創作,包括製作您的唱片,建立您的藝術家角色和品牌 – 而第三階段是巡演/推廣您的音樂。加強你的內心信念,更好地適應你目前的階段。你會十分感謝最終結果!

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