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5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out #2

5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out #2

5個令聲音強大但不會輕易疲勞過度的關鍵 #2 The keys to a powerful voice that won’t burn out are all about your foundational vocal technique. Without a strong professional technique, you’ll easily burn out at the most inopportune times. Follow the following 5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out!

2. Releasing Tensions Inside the Vocal Instrument

Imagine an athlete running a race without stretching their legs, they would not be able to perform at their best and would end up with shin splits and injuries more easily. Same applies to singing, you are an athlete making use of the small muscles of your voice and breathing. Those small muscles are ‘tongue’, ‘jaw’, ‘larynx’, ‘soft palate’ and ‘diaphragm’. It is important to stretch those muscles before you sing and in daily practice to ensure vocal freedom and to avoid injury.

Tip: Stretch your tongue and jaw daily.

How to stretch your tongue:

  1. Stick your tongue out and down towards the floor.

  2. Take 3 breaths and stretch further on the exhale.

  3. Reach up to the roof of the mouth with your tongue and open your jaw as far as possible.

How to stretch your jaw:

  1. Slowly open your jaw as far as possible (without tensing it.)

  2. Take a deep breath and open a little more.

  3. Slowly close your jaw.

  4. If you feel clicks or pops, go SUPER slow so it doesn’t click/pop.

  5. If you go slow enough, you’ll be able to do it.

Hopefully this help you to commit to your vocal practice and blow people (and yourself) away with your voice!

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2. 釋放聲樂工具的內部張力




  1. 舌頭向下朝地板伸出。

  2. 呼吸3次,舌頭在呼氣時進一步伸展

  3. 用舌頭伸到口腔頂部,盡可能地打開下顎。


  1. 慢慢地打開你的下巴到你的極限(沒有拉緊它。)

  2. 深呼吸然後再打開一點。

  3. 慢慢閉上你的下巴。

  4. 如果您感覺有‘咔’聲或‘砰’聲,請再減慢速度以使其發出‘咔’或‘砰’聲。

  5. 如果你做得足夠慢,你將能夠做到這一點。


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