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Free your voice in 5 easy ways #3

Free your voice in 5 easy ways #3

以5種簡單的方式釋放你的聲音 #3

Your voice is an instrument that you need to learn how to play. This sensitive and invisible instrument needs an inner processes to be tucked away. As a result, it is tough to navigate and control the voice. There is a lot that one can do to improve one’s astonishing voice. Here are the top steps for freeing your voice. 4. Connect to emotions When singing Don’t just sing notes … communicate. Practicing your vocal accuracy makes your singing smooth, but what audiences actually react to is your emotion. A perfect voice without emotion will not move people as much as a voice with imperfections but strong emotions. Monologuing your song is a way to help connect. Try it! 5. Releasing Tension When you carry a lot of tension, your voice gets tight, cracks and breaks up. Tension in your breathing muscles causes vocal problems and issues and constricts the voice. Deep tissue massage, yoga, swimming, aerobics are approaches to release tension and free up singers voices. Carefully stretch before and after weight lifting is crucial as well, as this activity constricts your vocal muscles. Free your body, free your voice.

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