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5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out #4

5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out #4

5個令聲音強大但不會輕易疲勞過度的關鍵 #4 The keys to a powerful voice that won’t burn out are all about your foundational vocal technique. Without a strong professional technique, you’ll easily burn out at the most inopportune times. Follow the following 5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out! 4. Diet & Nutrition

Diet and nutrition plays a big role in the singing voice. Like an athlete, what you eat and how strong your nutrition is will affect your performance.


Eat more fresh foods.

  • Fruits and veggies, fresh salads and fresh juices will improve the water content in your body and rejuvenate your voice.

Stay away from processed foods, and heavy meats and dairy products

  • They are acidic and stress the body’s systems.

  • They contain chemicals and antibiotics which make the body work harder to process stealing your energy and vitality.

Add supplements (organic preferred)

  • B12 can provide maximum energy and stress reduction.

  • D3 can keep your immune system up and avoid colds and upper respiratory issues

Hopefully this help you to commit to your vocal practice and blow people (and yourself) away with your voice!

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4. 飲食與營養




  • 水果和蔬菜,新鮮沙拉和新鮮果汁能改善您體內水分的含量,幫助恢復您的聲音。


  • 它們是酸性的並會壓迫身體系統。

  • 它們含有化學物質和抗生素,使身體需要更用力的處理浪費你的能量和活力。


  • B12 能提供最大的能量和減少壓力。

  • D3 可以保持你的免疫系統運作良好,避免感冒和上呼吸道問題。


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