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5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out #5

5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out #5

5個令聲音強大但不會輕易疲勞過度的關鍵 #5 The keys to a powerful voice that won’t burn out are all about your foundational vocal technique. Without a strong professional technique, you’ll easily burn out at the most inopportune times. Follow the following 5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out!

5. Physical Strength & Stamina

A strong body gives a strong voice, a healthy body gives a healthy voice. You can build a strong body to support your voice by weight lifting, yoga, and aerobics. They are all components you need and compliment each other. Weight-lifting is a kind of strength training, that is important to strengthen your muscles, yoga can release tensions to lower the risk of injury, and aerobics are important for cardiovascular health and breath. The ideal weekly regimen would be: 2 days of weight lifting, 2 days of yoga and 2 days of aerobics!

Tip: Be sure to do stretching before and after weight training to avoid injury and tight muscles. This can constrict your vocal.

Hopefully this help you to commit to your vocal practice and blow people (and yourself) away with your voice!

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5. 體力和耐力




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