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3 essential criteria in music that matters and impact thousands of people #1

3 essential criterias in music that matters and impact thousands of people #1

3個音樂能打動成千上萬人的基本標準 #1

As a singer, who does not want to create music that can touch the heart of every listener? Here are three general criterias that a influencing music should consist of.

1. An emotional vocal

It is the vocal that sell the song, that make you feel and that have a range and know how to use it without sounding strained. Great and emotional vocals can help to bring the songs to the next level.

Therefor, write about what you have to say to the world and what aches in you to be heard. As only when you start making music that matters, that touches people and that heals people, That is what the great music does.

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1. 一個有情緒的聲音 歌聲是賣出這首歌曲的關鍵並讓你能感受到這首歌。歌聲有音域限制,但歌手知道如何使用他的歌聲而不會聽起來很緊張。優秀而富有情感的歌聲可以幫助將歌曲提升到一個新的水平。


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