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3 essential criteria in music that matters and impact thousands of people #3

3 essential criteria in music that matters and impact thousands of people #3

3個音樂能打動成千上萬人的基本標準 #3

As a singer, who does not want to create music that can touch the heart of every listener? Here are three general criterias that a influencing music should consist of.

3. Great melody

Melody is one of the most obvious part of a song that without, will die. It is the thing that reaches right into our emotions and gives us all those crescendos and epiphanies. Without a great melody, nice vocal and clear messages will be left unsung.

Therefor, write about what you have to say to the world and what aches in you to be heard. As only when you start making music that matters, that touches people and that heals people, That is what the great music does.

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3.動人的旋律 旋律是一首歌中,如果失去就會壞掉的,最明顯的一部分。這是我們的情感,並給我們所有那些漸強和頓悟。沒有一個偉大的旋律,良好的聲音和清晰的按摩將是無名的。


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