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Letting children to learn singing FAQ #4

Letting children to learn singing FAQ #4

讓小孩子學唱歌 問與答#4

Q4: My children can sing in tune. What’s next?

Q4: 我的孩子可以在調上唱歌。下一步是什麼? Children may be able to hit high note without using their head voice, but they will still have to learn to make use of their head voice. Using the head voice is the foundation of making progress at intonation.


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Once they start making some good progress at intonation, you can work on their vowels. It starts off with instructing the child to open up their mouth and throat, at the same time keeping the tongue flat behind the bottom teeth. Then, making them to practice forming the vowel mouth shapes and opening their mouth vertical and high enough for the “Ah” and “Oh” vowels. Also, practicing going back and forth between two vowels, such as “Ah” and “Ee,” are important for the jaw drop and mouth shape change practice.


When they started making progress, the vowels can be practiced in real words, especially ones in the songs they are singing.


Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

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