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New research shows that singing is bringing you psychological toll? #1 最新研究顯示唱歌會對你造成心理傷害?#1

New research shows that singing is bringing you psychological toll? #1


A recent article from Pitchfork says working in the music industry might be making the musicians more likely to be depressed and anxious. According to a new study published by Help Musician UK, a charity of UK musicians, titled “Can Music Make You Sick?” is based on a survey of 2,211 people who identified themselves as musicians, with live crew, music management and audio production among other roles represented. 71% reported they have experienced anxiety, while another 65% reported depression. Comparing with 19% of general UK population over the age of 16 that suffers from anxiety, depression or both, it is clear that there is a lack of support for the mental health of musicians.

We can all work together to change this perception. It is honorable to be a musician. By knowing your own worth, standing firmly in your own shoes and having a dignified response can turn your emotion around much quicker, instead of spending weeks spiraling down.

Up next, 3 ways to help you prevent depression while chasing after your music dream. Stay Tuned!

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 : Pitchfork最近發表的一篇文章表示,在音樂界工作有機會讓音樂家更容易感到沮喪和焦慮。根據Help Musician UK(英國音樂家慈善機構基)發表的一個名為“Can Music Make you Sick?”的新研究,對2,211名自稱為音樂家的人作調查,其中包括現場樂隊,音樂管理和音頻製作等其他音樂代表。 71%的受訪者表示他們有焦慮症,另外有65%的人表示有抑鬱症。英國16歲或以上患有焦慮,抑鬱症或兩者兼有衹有19%的人口,這兩者相比下,顯然社會上缺乏對音樂家心理健康的支持。 我們可以共同努力去改變這種看法。音樂家是一種值得尊敬的決定。通過了解自己自身的價值,堅定地站在自己的位置並給予一個有尊嚴的反應,可以更快地扭轉你的情緒。 下一篇會有三種方法可以幫助您在追逐音樂夢想的同時預防抑鬱。請繼續留意!

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

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