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If anybody can sing, I can sing too!

If anybody can sing, I can sing too!


Can anyone learn to sing?

Our answer is Yes. If you can speak, if you can make voice, you are already a singer. All you need to know is how to use it.

There are 3 tips to get you singing healthfully and skillfully.

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1. Sing with your voice.

We have different images of how to make sound. We are surrounded by recorded voices processed by microphones, equalizers and compressors. We like the sound by these tech marval and we love to imitate them.

But for many singers, even though they are really good performers, their final products are not accurate representation of their original human voice. Even the best performers could not sound like a electronically possessed music album.

Therefore, instead of imitation, you should create your own result by singing as healthily and comfortably as you can. Don’t try voices that are too difficult at the first place. Practise your own sound and uses it to the fullest. Practise flexibility, agility and some range extension daily. Basically, sing everyday.

2. Your singing system needs physical conditioning.

When we sing, we engage a circuit of muscles within our body. As we sing, the diaphragmatic system activates, causing the diaphragm to curve downwards and the lung to expand. At the same time, we lower and stabilize the larynx in preparation for vocal production.

All of these muscles need training. The diaphragm system is the most essential to train. A decent voice could not be at its best without proper breath support. Inability to maintain proper breath support can be a major issue for many new singer.

Daily strengthening and conditioning of the breathing system will make a dramatic change in your singing. Developing muscle memory and the voice will be key in improving agility, flexibility, range and power over time. It is all a matter of practicing and spending time exploring what your voice can do.

3. There is no magic fix to a voice in five days.

It is all a matter of time and effort under the correct method.

And remember, professional singers don’t arrive to the world with a golden larynx and musical knowledge. They were people just like you. They just made up their mind and spent a lot of days and night practising to become what you see on the stage.

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Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :


  我們對如何發聲都有不同的想法,有人想成為Bruno Mars,有人想成為Ed sheeran。在音樂播放器中,我們平時聽到的往往是被麥克風,均衡器和壓縮器處理過的錄製聲音。我們喜歡這些被修飾過的聲音,我們希望模仿自己喜歡的歌手。









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