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快速學唱和彈奏 Learn to Sing & Play Piano You Raise Me Up in 6 Hours

快速學唱和彈奏 Learn to Sing & Play Piano You Raise Me Up in 6 Hours Josh Groban嘅You raise me up,係2000年代,呢首歌可謂街知巷聞,成為佢嘅代表作,佢既男中音聲線更係廣為人知,等SAY老師 同大家重溫一下呢首經典歌曲啦! Josh Groban's You raise me up, in the 2000s, can be regarded as a well-known song, and become his masterpiece, his baritone voice is very signature, let SAY teacher relive this classic song with everyone. ! " 就算我無任何專業既音樂基礎同技巧,都可以彈到?" "我都可以彈到好似 SAYTeacher 咁好?" “Even if I don’t have any professional music foundation and skills, I can also play it well?” “Can I play as well as SAY teachers?” 冇錯,彈琴並唔係你想像中咁難! 3小時雖然唔可以令你既演奏功力變成Josh Groban咁,但絕對可以令你享受到彈琴當中既樂趣和成功感,而且令你既技巧更進步! That's right, playing the piano is not as difficult as you think! Although it is impossible for 3 hours to make your perform like Josh Groban, you can definitely enjoy the happiness and success of playing the piano, and improve your skills! ------------------------------------------------------ 想知點樣可以係6小時內學識彈奏流行曲? 歡迎 WhatsApp 查詢 : +852 9698-1248 Want to know how to learn to play pop songs in 3 hours? Welcome to WhatsApp: +852 9698-1248 ------------------------------------------------------ Book A Trial / 預約試堂 : 96981248

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