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Body System for Singing #2 唱歌時所需的身體結構

Body System for Singing #2


Resonance System

Resonance is a back and forth relationship between sound waves and the space in which they travel. These sounds are resonated by the movements and configuration of the tongue, soft palate, lips, jaw, throat. The sound resonance system is responsible for expressing all vowels and consonants. The vocal cord resonance system depends on the configuration of the channel. Some parts of the sound wave are boosted and passed to the listener, while others are eliminated before leaving the body. When certain sound waves are boosted and eliminated, the listener can perceive the tone or tone. For example, when many high harmonics are boosted, we perceive brighter voice, and when the lower harmonics are raised, we perceive darker voice.

Over All Body Alignment

The way the body is aligned from head to toe can affect how the three main systems operate during the vocalization process. Therefore, understanding and practice are very important, and they can make breathing, Sound-making and resonance systems work together in an optimal way. "Alignment" means reflecting a neutral state, and one can flexibly and freely enter other postures and movements. An example of one that may have a negative impact on alignment is hunching at the shoulders, which causes the lungs to close and cause a decrease in lung capacity, reducing the amount of air the singer can use. But it can over-activate the muscles that hold the throat, which can affect the way the vocal cords vibrate. This muscle activation changes the position of the throat and then directly changes the space in which the sound travels, that is, it changes the resonance system.

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Book A Trial / 預約試堂 : / Whatsapp 9698-1248

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