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4 guidelines to distinguish the useful singing teaching materials 如何分辨歌唱教學資料是否有用

4 guidelines to distinguish the useful singing teaching materials


I found that everyone's singing knowledge is not the same. Many people don't know how to distinguish whether the music knowledge taught by the singing tutor is correct. Many people also search online for singing teaching materials, but it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity. Here are a few guidelines to determine if you have found "good materials"

1. "Good materials"- can help you clarify and confirm all those materials that you have already knew.

For example, people thought the sun rises in the east and goes down in the west. People also thought they could go to the end of the world and fall down if they just go far away. But when people started to understand that the earth will revolve both around the sun and on its own axis, they knew that the truth was different.

2. "Good materials" - there will not be too many exceptions or things that cannot be explained

Just like “English studies” or “Latest studies”, the results and data were not completely related to the topic truly. For example, “English studies” showed that the people who work harder, the more they get fat. In fact, many people do not have time to dine because of busy working, thus easier to lose weight. So it is not a useful material for me.

3. "Good materials" - If you can understand each word, you should not be confused.

Especially when you are searching for the singing-related materials, you will be easy to get confused. Why you are still get lost if you understand every single word? And you still cannot get the solution of you of concerns? It means you think that you understand the material, but you are not getting clear actually. All of the music terms will be clearly defined in the materials.

4. Personally verify all materials

Don’t agree with the materials just because it was stated by some experts or everyone. You need to consider and assess them by yourself. And compare the materials with those you have already known. The most important things are, do you agree with this information? Are the ideas same with yours? You should use your logic to consider the ideas within the materials.

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舉個例子,人們認為太陽在東方升起、西方落下。 人們還認為只要他們走得夠遠,他們就可以走到世界盡頭並會墜下。 但是當人們開始明白地球會自轉和公轉時,他們就知道真相並不是這樣。


就像“英語研究”或“最新研究”一樣,結果和數據可能不是與主題完全相關。 例如,“英語研究”顯示,越努力工作的人,越肥胖。 事實上,很多人因為工作繁忙而沒有時間用餐,因此更容易變瘦, 所以它對我來說不是一個好的資料。

3. 好的資料,若你能看懂每個字詞,就不該存在困惑

特別是在搜尋與唱歌有關的資料時,你會很容易感到困惑。 如果你理解每一個單詞,為什麼你仍然感到困惑? 你仍然無法得到你的解決方案? 這意味著你以為你明白了這些資料,但實際上你並沒有完全理解。 所有音樂術語都將應在資料中明確地定義。

4. 親自驗証每一份資料

不要僅僅因為一些專家或每個人都提及過這些資料而同意它們。 您需要自己重新考慮並作出評估。 並把資料與您已知的資料進行比較。 最重要的是,您是否同意這些資料? 這些資料與你的想法相同嗎? 您應該運用邏輯來思考資料中的想法。

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