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8 ways to keep your voice safe #1 保持你的聲帶安全的8種方法 #1

8 ways to keep your voice safe #1

保持你的聲帶安全的8種方法 #1

Are you interested in singing? Or will you make use of your voice for your career? Then you must know how to keep your voice safe and avoid to damage it!

You must know that our vocal cords are very small muscles that do strenuous things. Even the best of voices need maintenance. Here are 8 ways to keep your voice in the best situation.

1. Do not smoke

Tobacco will produce tar to make you feel difficult to breathe, and the toxins will damage your vocal cords. Smoking is not good for your health!

2. Have a habit of relaxing and warming up the vocal cords

Do some good exercises and warm-up techniques, to relax your body and vocal cords before you sing.

3. Hire a good vocal coach

They could be able to assist you in strengthening your voice in the singing courses, also help you not to damage your voice.

Book A Trial / ​預約試堂 : / Whatsapp 9698-1248

8 ways to keep your voice safe #1

保持你的聲帶安全的8種方法 #1

你喜歡唱歌嗎? 或者你於工作上需要利用到你的聲音? 那麼你必須知道如何保持你的聲帶安全,避免聲帶破損!

你必須知道我們的聲帶是非常小的肌肉,卻需做很費勁的事情。 人人的聲音也需要被維護。 以下是令你的聲帶保持最佳狀態的8種方法。


煙草會產生焦油,使你感覺難以呼吸,毒素會損害你的聲帶。 所以,吸煙對健康不利!



3. 聘請一位優秀的聲樂教練

他們可以幫助你鍛鍊聲音,也可以幫助你保護你的聲音。 Book A Trial / 預約試堂 : / Whatsapp 9698-1248

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