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傳播正能量 Spread Positive Energy

Tomorrow COVERED by SAYMusic Gisele Wong Gisele 正氣歌童藉著音樂劇Annie裏面的”tomorrow” 傳播正能量,鼓勵大家應該忘記今天的憂愁,用愉快的心情迎接明天的到來。 Gisele, singer who owns Righteous Spirit, by performing the song “Tomorrow” in the musical Annie, hope to spread positive energy and encourage everyone to clear away today’s sorrow and welcome the arrival of a new day. Gisele 正气歌童借着音乐剧Annie里面的”tomorrow” 传播正能量,鼓励大家应该忘记今天的忧愁,用愉快的心情迎接明天的到来。

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