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勇敢大聲高唱自己的夢想 A Million Dreams - Steve x Steve Duet

A Million Dreams - Steve x Steve Duet 勇敢大聲高唱自己的夢想 Sing and You 希望在發掘小朋友才能的同時,也給予機會他們去追求夢想。Sing and You Steve Tam 大聲高唱 “A Million Dreams” 的同時,也想告訴大家不要理會別人的眼光,只要忠於自己的心,就應該勇敢堅持去追夢。 Sing and You always wants that while discovering the talents of the students, they can also give them a chance for them to pursue their dreams. Through singing “A Million Dreams” out loud, Sing and You Steve Tam likes to tell everyone, never doubt yourself by other judgments, you should always follow your heart and holding on to your dreams. Sing and You 希望在发掘小朋友才能的同时,也给予机会他们去追求梦想。 Sing and You Steve Tam 大声高唱 “A Million Dreams” 的同时,也想告诉大家不要理会别人的眼光,只要忠于自己的心,就应该勇敢坚持去追梦。

Hope you all like it and give like and share to support this video. Your subscription to karaoketutor youtube channel is appreciated.

Studio Experience Each of the students will be required to record a song in the studio so as to gain practical recording experience. Program Fee: Book a Trial Class at 96981248

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