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《小小好聲音》Sing! Kids


"Sing! Kids" was created by “The Voice of China" Production team. We are now launching a singing audition in HK.Our mission is "find the most beautiful and pure voice". This is a good chance for children to showcase their talent and chase the dream. As long as you are 3-18 years old, love music and want to prove yourself on the stage, come and join us!

任何有興趣參加小小好聲音十一月三曰深港賽之小朋友,請留意10月12日起於社交媒體(Facebook, IG, weibo)上所發佈之報名消息。比賽報名費為299元人民幣($350港幣)。所有香港賽區的申請在十月十九日前提交以下資料可以加$150獲得一張價值$650的大師供開比賽秘訣講座門票(只限頭五十個參賽者, 只演一場), 立即報名: 請根據照片附件上的所需資料,透過WhatsApp發送至96981248,報名費為港元$350, 如參加大師比賽講座加$150 共$500。 講座Tips: 教您選擇合適的歌曲參賽 報名表格, 掃描海報上的QR code 碼

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