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恭喜優秀Sing and You學生 Cherry 晋級廣東省總決賽

經過三關香港及廣州小小好聲音比賽, 繼續晋級到廣東省總決賽, 她的努力和用心準備每一輪的比賽實在令到父母及老師的衷心讚賞,她的努力及今天的成就是人生的好經驗祝譚老師的學生Joanna 繼續晉級去到全國總決賽, 享受舞台,快樂成長

Book a Trial Class: Passed the 小小好聲音 Hong Kong and Guangzhou Sing Kids singing contest and continued to enter to the Guangdong Provincial Finals Singing Competition. Her hard work and preparation for each round of singing competition really earnestly appreciated the parents and teachers. Her hard work and today's achievements are a good experience in your life. We wish Sing and You students continue to go through to the National Finals Contest Enjoy the Stage and Be Happy the Whole Journey

Book a Trial Class: +852 96981248

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