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Road to conquering stage fright pt.1 唱歌如何不怯場!pt.1

Road to conquering stage fright


“All the world's a stage.”

This is how Shakespeare saw the world. Life is abundant with stages for us to perform, big or small. Whether or not you are a singer, you must have met “stage fright”, the nemesis of performance. Some people are naturally predisposed to having stage fright. Our words for you: Never Let it Stop You! Seize the chances to shine on stage as they are stepping stones for your growth.

You want to give your best singing performance on stage. But how to wipe away the stage anxiety, or taking it a step further, transforming it into a desire to perform?

  1. Practice attitude: imagine your audience when practising

Some people practises a lot but still experience anxiety on stage, hence unable to perform as well as he expects. When you are practising, try to imagine that it is an actual performance with real audiences. Prepare for the performance itself rather than simply accumulating experience of “practising”. Listen to your voice and hunt for the little flaw and corrects them. Imagine what the audience is expecting and in what ways you voice could hit them and electrify the room. It helps you get ready for the performance itself and enhance self-confidence on stage.

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