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Road to conquering stage fright pt.2 唱歌如何不怯場!pt.2

Road to conquering stage fright pt.2 唱歌如何不怯場!pt.2

2. Practise 30 min on the big day.

It is important to practise on the day of performance. Be it trying out your voice, practising your stage move, or other types of rehearsal. Practising itself increases the body’s endophin level and relieve stress. It kicks your body into shape for the actual performance. Also, it further familiarize you with the details of the performance and prevent you from stage fright.

15 minute left, what should I do?

If you are left with just 15 minute in the waiting room, what can you do to relieve stress and make sure you are in the best form? Learn 10 immediate tricks to relieve stress on spot from our next article “10 tricks to relieve stress immediately”.

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2. 在表演當天至少要練習30分鐘




  還有15分鐘就要上台的話,心卻不聽話地撲通撲通地跳的話,可以怎辦?想要現學現用,就請密切留意唱歌如何不怯場!#2 上台前一刻消除緊張的十個小技巧!

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