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10 tricks to relieve anxiety immediately pt.2 唱歌如何不怯場!#2 上台前一刻消除緊張的十個小技巧!pt.2

10 tricks to relieve anxiety immediately

唱歌如何不怯場!#2 上台前一刻消除緊張的十個小技巧!




“All the world's a stage.”

This is how Shakespeare saw the world. Life is abundant with stages for us to perform, big or small. You want to give your best singing performance on stage. But how to wipe away the stage anxiety, or a step further, transforming it into a desire to perform?

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :


  • 深呼吸。默默地想【放鬆、放鬆……】。這有助促進血液循環,使你心境平靜。

  • 在手心寫三個人字,吞下去。這是使你能克服人群帶來的壓力的心理暗示。

  • 觀看可愛的影片或照片。這有助促進縮宮素(又稱【治癒感荷爾蒙】、【幸福感荷爾蒙】)的分泌。這有助減低在比賽前的爭鬥心,幫助你發揮超水準的歌唱表現。

Mentality Technique

  • Deep breathing. Take several deep breaths and try to imagine your body relaxing gradually to reach a status of mindfulness. This exercise ameliorate blood flow and calms your mind.

  • Draw three [人] on your hand and swallow them. This trick comes from Japan. It is a widely adopted mental suggestion technique to symbolically relieve the stress from a huge audience.

  • Watch cutes pictures or videos. Studies show that watching cute videos help our body releases oxytocin and induce a sense of happiness and calmness. It reduces one’s focus on competition and help adjust your mental status to give the best singing performance.

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

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