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Why do we sing? 為什麼要唱歌?

Why do we sing?


Some might say singing are our inborn talent, our natural instinct. “Why do we sing?” This question sound straightforward, and abstract enough like the kind of question philosophers ponder upon. But as music teachers, we believe that it is important to ponder this question on a practical level, rather than treating it as something theoretical.

A better way to phrase this question is through comparison. “Why do we sing instead of just uttering the words?”Behind every song, there are emotional elements, some being strong and direct, and others, a labyrinth full of contradiction. Through singing, these emotional elements could be enhanced through the richer resources of expression. To sing is to express artistically through the combination of music, lyric and human voice. Through both listening to and performing songs, we are afloat with flows and waves of continuously alternating emotions and be connected to imageries and state of mind unachievable by simple words. It is one of the biggest joy, and at the same time, the biggest challenge, to express your heart with a song.

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What do you feel? Have you experience the same sadness or exhilaration in the song? What is in the song that you are desperate to express to the audience? The devil is in the details. Pay attention to your emotional expression in every detail -- this mindset alone is the signpost necessary for enhancing your singing performance. When you are faced with a room of audience, when they want to know how good you are, they always root for the details, the strength, tempo, continuity and discontinuity, strengthening and weakening of your voice. All of these vocal control effect the audience’s impression of your singing skill.

The devil is in the details.

When we learn to sing, we invest time and effort into enhancing our skill. But on top of that, it is a delightful labor to figure out the central idea and sentiments encrypted in the song. Through your voice, how can express these elements and stun a roomful of audience? Singing to interpret and convey - this mentality is crucial for enhancing your singing performance.

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