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How to natural vibrato? pt.1 如何練成自然震音?馬上學釋放聲音的呼吸操和鬆弛操 pt.1

How to natural vibrato? pt.1

如何練成自然震音?馬上學釋放聲音的呼吸操和鬆弛操 pt.1

What is a natural vibrato?

Simply speaking, vibrato is the oscillation in pitch. A natural vibrato is produced through the vocal resonance from a steady air flow, forming a pitch vibration that is warm, stable and strong.

How to acquire a natural vibrato?

Unfortunately, natural vibrato is not something to get overnight. There is no surefire exercise to get vibrato in a short time. On the contrary, if you give enough time to the basic vocal practises, it will eventually arrive and surprise you.

So, what should I do?

So what should you do to get natural vibrato?

There are 3 entry points to help you acquire this rare skill.

1. Improve your breathing technique.

With good breathing technique, you can release a lot of tension in body, which help you sing a lot freer. You should concentrate on dropping your breath to your stomach and expanding the ribs.

Here are 2 breathing exercise you can try.

Put both your hands on the stomach. Take a deep Breath into your stomach (not your chest!). Breath out on a ‘shi’ sound. As you are doing that, at the very end of your breath supply, you should try to squeeze every last bit of air out of the stomach. Press your hand on the stomach as the stomach is getting smaller and the stomach muscle relaxed.

The second practise is the extension of the first one. Again, put your hands on the ribs. And think about a tight elastic belt around it. As we breathe in, not only do we want to fill the stomach with air, but we want to make this belt bigger and make space. As we breathe out, feel how the size of the belt is reduced along with the air exhaled.

These two practices help stretch your intercostal muscle and relax your diaphragm. With your lung filled with air, your voice is fueled with power and strength.

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  1. 將雙手放在腹部,深深吸一口氣,嘗試將空氣注入腹部。 呼氣時,發出'shi'的聲音。 在呼到最後時,用手擠出腹部剩餘的所有空氣。 腹部應該會被手壓得越來越小。 呼出一口氣。

  2. 練習二是練習一的伸廷。以叉腰姿勢,雙手緊握肋骨。想像有一條很緊的橡膠帶。在吸氣時,空氣灌入腹部的同時,想像那條橡膠帶在隨空氣擴張。在呼氣時,想象那個腰帶正在收縮。


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