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How can you project without hurting your throat? 如何聲音響亮而不傷喉嚨?

How can you project without hurting your throat?


Tip #1 – Blow with more intensity!

We speak on an exhalation of air. When you blow out a single candle, you get a conversational volume. When you blow out a birthday cake, you get louder. Try thinking of air as being responsible for your volume rather than your throat.



Try the phrase “Hi how are you” at a normal volume, concentrating on exhaling while you speak. Now visualize that you’re blowing down a brick house with the words. Do you notice your voice getting louder? For maximum effect you’d want to breathe focusing on the relationship of the diaphragm and stomach as opposed to expanding/collapsing the chest. Working with a coach can help you to understand this distinction.


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Tip #2 – Open your mouth

Allow your jaw to hang relaxedly open, as though being pulled by a string. You can still articulate your words clearly, but speak as though you’re talking to someone who needs to read your lips. If you have your mouth wide-open as you attempt to add volume, it will be much easier for your voice to come out of your mouth and shine on stage.



Tip #3 – Yawn.

Still sound like you’re shouting? The same space that you’ve created externally by opening your mouth, you should seek to establish internally as well. To maintain a relaxed, conversational tone despite projecting extreme volumes, you’ll want to preserve space for resonance while you’re blowing all that air.

Try to talk on a yawn (and articulate normally!). You will hear that the sound has an affected, slow, sleepy, “dopey” quality. Try “Hi, how are you” at a low pitch while yawning. Put a finger on your neck. You should feel your larynx having lowered. Try to sustain this position as you get louder. If you keep the jaw relaxed and send more air, you should be in good shape to talk louder and longer without getting tired or your vocal cord damaged.




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