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"I hate my voice” 「我的聲音不好聽……」

"I hate my voice”


“My voice is weird and unattractive.”, “What if I sound like XXXX?”

Many new singers are dissatisfied with their voice. Especially during recording, people dislike their voice often because they are not used to listening to themselves on tapes, or unfamiliar with their own voice in the first place.

Even the top singers could face the same problem. John Lennon was famously dissatisfied with his own voice and would like it electronically altered in many of the Beatles tracks.

As a singer, you have your unique larynx. Your larynx produces your voice. It is the resources you are gifted with. So, first thing first. If you want to change your voice, this is the place you should focus in.

If you are unsatisfied with your natural voice. Here are two tricks that you might start applying to your voice to seek improvement.

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1st method: vowel manipulation

Try to put your sound to different parts of your mouth. Back of the mouth, nice and relax, mouth open all time. Front of your mouth, then nothing but nasal resonance left. Try to sing the same notes in different ways to experience this change. Change the shape of your mouth, where the sound is being sent, and how it is being developed though the shape of my mouth. These variables change the resultant sound dramatically.

2nd method: Manipulate the Larynx

This method is concerned with your laryngeal production. To start with, try to do a very thin accent. Listen to yourself through the headphone. See what it does to the overtone of your voice. It will have an immediate, pronounced effect on your voice. Experiment and you might find that you like it more or less than your original voice.

Start with you most relaxed voice. Try to apply some of those ideas. We highly advise you to try the first method first before trying to alter your laryngeal production as it could become quickly damaging to your vocal cord without professional guidance.

Experiment with your voice. If you do something and find that it makes your throat hurt, you should not be doing it again because it cannot be healthy. But if you use the above method and find a voice that you like and you feel totally okay repeating the same trick, feel free integrating it into your singing routine.

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  其實即使是一流的歌手,也會有這樣的想法。音樂傳奇John Lennon亦是因為討厭自己的聲線,故經常要求混音師去調整他的聲音。




Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :







Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

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