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Where’s my vocal teacher? 如何找適合我的唱歌老師?

Where’s my vocal teacher?


Finding the right vocal teacher is one of the most important steps in your singing life. Finding a good match can take years of trial and error. Perhaps you’ll encounter teachers who improve your voice drastically, but give no technical information to recreate the same results outside school.

A good vocal teacher will provide their students with a voice lesson in a package tailored to the individual. Every singer is different. Some students need more instructions to grasp the correct method; others need to be encouraged to experiment with the existing technique to seek flexibility and control. A good vocal teacher package theory and technique into digestible overall experience for each specific student for a specific lesson.

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

Good voice teachers set specific goals and then give you tools to achieve them. In the same way a singer must entrust the teacher with her voice, the teacher must entrust the student with his knowledge of the voice. The journey to become a singing teacher is long. The wealth of knowledge at a voice teacher’s disposal has been amassed throughout his or her entire career. If not wholly perfect, it’s still very valuable and worthy of respect. Instead of a shortcut, hard work and time are the ingredients a singer need. If you meet voice teachers who sell quick fixes or tricks, you need to be careful.

In Sing and You Music Center, we cater to the individual needs of each of our student. We run a trial class system and conduct preliminary diagnosis of vocal usage for our new students, set up learning targets and troubleshoot obstacles during you singing journey. Sing and You also places equal emphasis on theory and practice through the provision of a wide range of stage performance opportunities and a solid foundation on Western music theory knowledge.

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :



Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :


在Sing and You,我們的教學模式顧及學員的個人需要,採用試堂制為每位學員評估聲線運用狀況,並為學生訂立學習目標,排憂解難(problem-shooting)。我們亦注重傾授西方聲樂理論、古典及流行音樂的唱歌技巧,並提供充裕的舞台實踐經驗,以達到實戰與理論並重。

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

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