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SAYMusic Cherry - 天亮了

Dr. Steve said SAYMusic Cherry is a one of his potential students and he gave her this song recording a very high score. If 10 is highest score, he gives her 9/10. Want to listen her full song 天亮了from YouTube? Like, share and leave your comment.

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Dr Steve常常說SAYMusic Cherry是他的最具潛能的學生之一,他對她錄製的這首歌給予很高的分數。 如果最高分是10,他給她9/10。 想听YouTube上的《天亮了》整首歌嗎?喜歡,分享並發表評論。

嗨,各位爸爸媽媽,如果您還希望您的孩子在Dr Steve的聲樂課上被提名為幸運兒,並學習如何自信地優美地唱歌,立即預約試堂

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