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Learn To Sing - 6 Important things about Singing #6 學唱歌 關於唱歌的重要事項 #6

6 Important things about singing #6

關於唱歌的重要事項 #6

There are many different philosophies on what is most important when it comes to singing, but the most significant thing about singing is passion. It’s pulling the heartstrings of the person listening to the song. Here are the six main aspects to think about or to bring up to your own vocal coach:

6. Passion

The most important arsenal in the singer’s belt. If you don’t feel the emotion, then what’s the point in having lyrics. There are singers out there who don’t have “wonderful” voices, but you can always feel the emotion! Of course it’s a little easier to do this if you wrote the song, but if you didn’t you can still channel the feeling through to the listener.

Tips: If you wrote the song, go back to when you wrote it. Channel the feelings that brought you to the point of putting these words down on paper. Most importantly, take it personally. Make the lyrics become a part of you, whether you wrote them or not.

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關於唱歌最重要的是什麼不同的哲學,但唱歌最重要的是熱情, 因為它正在拉動聽這首歌的人的心弦。 以下是思考或培養自己的聲樂教練的六個主要方面:


歌手唱歌時必要的元素。 如果你沒有感受到情感,那麼擁有歌詞的意義是什麼?有些歌手沒有“精彩”的聲音,但你總能感受到那份情感! 當然,如果你寫這首歌,這樣做會更容易投入感情,但如果你沒有,你仍然可以將這種感覺傳達給聽眾。

提示:如果你寫了這首歌,請回想你寫這首歌的時候的心情。 引導那些讓你把這些話放在紙上的感覺。 最重要的是,親自感受歌詞的意思。 無論你是否寫下歌詞,都要讓歌詞成為你的一部分。

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