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學唱歌 Sing And You今日初六開工啟市!

Sing And You今日初六開工啟市! 鬼馬Annie 成為第一個上堂的學生,更順便同Dr.Steve拜個年!Annie去年的歌唱成績不俗,獲得不少獎項,希望今年再接再厲。圖中的就是Annie 2019年最後一個獎項,Annie特意拿番黎同Dr. Steve一齊影相留念,十分鬼馬。

Today is the sixth day of Chinese New Year, Sing And You is opening ! Annie became the first student after the CNY holiday, and sending the CNY wish to Dr. Steve. Annie scored well in singing last year and won many awards. We hope that she will keep her best this year. This picture is Annie's last award in 2019. Annie deliberately took a photo with Dr. Steve as a wicked girl.

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