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From Now On ....學唱歌

現在開始我們上載優秀學生的歌唱作品之前,會提前通知大家該影片的Full version會於何時上載。如果大家想第一時間收聽到,就請密切留意我們的專頁。 先小試牛刀比大家先聽下trailer ,這是Hannah的版本,她妹妹Isabella也有個人版本,而Youtube上已上載左兩姐妹合唱版本啦:

Before we start uploading the singing works of outstanding students, we will inform you in advance when the full version will be uploaded. If you want to hear for the first time, please pay close attention to our page. Let ’s share the trailer with you guys first. This version was covered by Hannah, her little sister Isabella also have her own cover version. And the full song covered by Hannah & Isabella was uploaded in Youtube:

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