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A Letter to Parents: Teach you How to let Your Children learn Singing at Home 致家長的信: 教你如何讓孩子在家輕鬆學習唱歌


大家好,祝身體健康,明白學校延期返學時間, 每位家長也煩惱為學生編排一整天的課程功課活動,我們音樂學校校長Dr. Steve提議一個非常好的持續進修音樂成長網上15分鐘教學, 令學生在家中也可以享受校長的教學和天天唱歌進步快樂成長,這個網上教學計劃每天只做15分鐘,每天上課一次,只需要用現在學期學分扣除便可以,如果本身是校長的學生即是每一節有三個15分鐘的網上教學即等於一節課=三天的15分鐘課堂,原本校長的網上課程有附加費用,但因為這時期,校長希望學生能夠持續發展,所以這計劃不需要收附加費用,直接扣除學分便可以,至於其他老師的學生也可以享用以上的網上15分鐘校長教學,其他老師學生的費用由$600至$900不等,如果有興趣而希望盡早安排校長的寶貴時間,立即回覆訊息比我們,為你們安排每天15分鐘的網上音樂唱歌教學,全新體驗,立即開始,校長每天只有兩小時能騰出來做網上教學,因為其他時間也有其他的每星期上課的常規學生。 優惠僅在2020年2月至3月底 快樂成長 最後祝大家身體健康出入平安 Sing and You

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Dear Parents & Students, Wish You Good Health. We understand that Kids are staying at home all day and parents are also busy to arrange homework for them. Good News, Dr. Steve 15-minute online teaching for Sing and You (SAYMusic) Students to enjoy Dr. Steve's teaching at home and singing at home every day. The Online Singing Class only takes 15 minutes a day and takes classes once a day. No Need to Pay extra Money, just deduct the current semester credits from your package. If any Dr. Steve's student takes a 15-minute online lessons at home, it is equal to 1/3 of a session = 1 session will have three-day 15-minute lessons. No additional fees Now if you register because of this critical period, Dr. Steve wants his students continuous development, you can directly deduct credits from existing package. If students from other SAYTeachers (Tim, Alma, Bessie, or Celina...)can also enjoy the above 15 minutes of online singing lesson, each 15 minutes lesson is starting from HKD $600 to $ 900. Kids are Free at home and Want to Sing, Please Immediately reply us to arrange a 15 minutes Online Singing Lesson by Dr. Steve, before Principal's schedule is FULL as he has regular students class going on each day. OFFER is only available from Feb to End of March, 2020 Wish you all Good Health and stay safe at home Best Regards, Sing and You Music Center

WhatsApp Us : 9698-1248

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