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Learn Singing with Fun and You may be Alan Walker 有趣地學習唱歌,您可能會成為(Alan Walker)

Alone COVERED by SAYMusic Benson

在錄製日之前,Benson和他的祖母想他穿得像Alan Walker一樣。 Dr. Steve 教他假裝Alan Walker的手勢以及CD混音的播放方式。 預訂Dr. Steve(Celine Tam 爸爸)15分鐘/45分鐘的聲樂實驗課 Before Recording Day, Benson and his Grandma wants to dress like Alan Walker. Dr. Steve taught him to pretend Alan Walker’s hand signal and the way to play CD it Funny?Book a 15/ 45 Minutes Vocal Trial Class by Dr. Steve (Celine Tam's Father)香港上課或Skype教室)+852 96981248

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