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2022 Chinese-Canadian RISE for BC Kids 愛心大行動

大家好, 我是Celine,

請與我和爸爸 Steve一同支持2022愛心大行動, 籌款幫助癌症病童戰勝病魔。


透過基因檢測,卑詩省兒童醫院的醫學專家正在開發更精密的個人化的療程, 直接針對攻破癌細胞同時不損害周邊的健康細胞,提高治療效率 。現時每5個癌病兒童就有一個無法戰勝癌症。, 我們深信, 有你的支持, 我們能一同攜手創造更多奇蹟, 為省內的兒童及家庭帶來更美好的將來.

Hi this is Celine,

Please join me and my Daddy Steve in supporting our efforts to raise funds to help conquer childhood cancer through the 2022 愛心大行動 RISE for BC’s Kids.

Your generous support will help advance life-saving research that will give new hope to children across BC who are battling hard-to-cure cancers.

With you by their side, experts at BC Children’s can change the course of every young life battling cancer through genetic screening and targeted, personalized therapies, that are specifically built for their bodies and their cancerous tumours. You can open the door to new possibilities, and help change the outcome for the 20 per cent of kids with cancer who don’t survive.

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