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4 Breathing types for singing #1

4 Breathing types for singing #1

4個唱歌時的呼吸方式 #1

Today I'm going to talk to you about four breathing types that you see in life, and you also see in singers.

1.High breath

So go ahead and take a deep breath for me, and exhale. Now with a high breath, you're gonna see the clavicle and the upper body lift on the inhale and then exhale, and it comes down, try that one more time inhale and exhale. Now you see this breath a lot in life and sometimes in singers, but it's actually not a breath that I would recommend because its going to really expel the air fast and hard what comes up (inhales) must come down (exhales) and you don't have a lot of control and then the larynx has to deal with all that excessive airflow.

2. Abdominal breath

Try this, hand on belly (inhale), you feel an expansion (exhale), it comes in. Try it again. Inhale, expand and exhale, it comes in.

And one more time (don't lift the chest), inhale and exhale, it comes in. Now this is a breath that I recommend because the depth of that breath is going to allow the diaphragm to contract more. And it's also going to give you greater control over your exhale.

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當我深吸一口氣,然後呼氣。 於進行高呼吸時,你會看到我的鎖骨。並且上半身在吸氣時,抬起頭然後呼氣,然後下來,再試一次吸氣和呼氣。 這種呼吸方式,有時甚至是歌手也會使用到,但它實際上我並不推薦這一種呼吸方式,因為它真的會快速排出空氣,而且很難出現(吸氣),並必須降下來(呼氣),而這是難以控制,然後喉嚨必須處理所有過多的空氣。

2.腹部呼吸 試試這個,手放在腹部(吸氣),你會感覺到擴張(呼氣),空氣便會進來。再試一次。吸氣,擴張和呼氣,空氣便會進來。 再一次(不要抬起胸部),吸氣和呼氣,空氣便會進來。現在這是我推薦的呼吸方式,因為呼吸的深度將使橫隔膜收縮得更多。而且它也會讓你於呼氣時控制得更好。

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