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4 Breathing types for singing #2

4 Breathing types for singing #2

4個唱歌時的呼吸方式 #2

3. Rib breath

Another breath that I recommend is the rib or intercostal breath. So put your hands on your rib cage right here and try and inhale. you'll feel an expansion (exhale), it comes in. Try that again inhale expand (exhale) it comes in, and we'll do it one more time. Try not to lift the chest. And inhale, exhale it comes in. So this is another breath that gives you a lot of control from the lower body for your singing.

So go ahead, one hand on your ribs, one hand on belly. Let's see if you can open both of these. Inhale expand them, and then on your exhale just your lower abs will come in. Make sure that your upper abs don't squeeze when you sing. Inhale and exhale just your lower abs come in. That's going to give you the optimal situation for breath support and the best efficiency for yourself as a singer. There are singers for sure that breath up here and really good ones too.

4. Back breath

Go ahead and put your hands on your low back and inhale. You'll feel an expansion back there and exhale, you might feel a contraction. This one's smaller but you're gonna feel it. Inhale back and exhale. This is another good way of bringing the air in a deeper sensation in the body.

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我推薦的另一種呼吸方式是肋骨或肋間呼吸。把你的手放在你的肋骨上,然後嘗試吸氣。它會感覺到一種擴張(呼氣),空氣便會進來。嘗試再次吸氣,膨脹(呼氣),空氣便會進來。我們會再做一次。盡量不要抬起胸部。然後吸氣,呼氣,空氣進來。這種呼吸能讓你從下半身為你的歌聲提供很好的控制。 繼續,一隻手放在你的肋骨上,一隻手放在肚子上。讓我們看看你是否可以張開肋骨和肚子。吸氣並擴大它們,然後在你的呼氣時,你的下腹部便會進來。確保你的上腹部不會在你唱歌時擠壓,只是你的下腹部吸氣和呼氣。這將為你的呼吸提供最佳狀態,並為作為歌手的你帶來最佳效率。肯定有歌手運用這種呼吸,而且控制得很好。 4.背部呼吸 把你的手放在你的腰部並吸氣,你會感覺到那裡會擴張,並進行呼氣,你可能會感到收縮。這個呼吸動作更小,但你會感覺到它,吸氣並呼氣,這個方式能讓空氣在體內產生更深層的感覺。

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