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4 tips - song selection for competition #2

4 tips - song selection for competition #2

比賽選歌的4個小技巧 #2

Step 3: Don't choose songs that are difficult to capture the beat

For example, some songs are completely unaccompanied from the start, and it is difficult to capture the beat and pitch. In the last sentence of many lyric songs, the rhythm will be slowed down.

Reminder: Before deciding to sing a song, sing with the accompaniment of pure music, try to catch the beat by yourself, to avoid causing embarrassment when you are unsure of the beat on the stage.

Reminder: When practicing singing, don't always sing along with the original singer, just follow the accompaniment to practice. Also not to imitate the original singing aria, it will make you lose the characteristics of your original vocals, so that you can develop your own voice with the accompaniment in the competition.

Step 4: The difficulty of the song should not exceed the scope of your singing ability.

Choosing a song that you can control well is better than choosing a song that requires professional skills but is difficult to control.

If you want to have improvement by practicing singing, you can choose songs that are a little bit harder than your ability.

Other Tips: If you find it difficult to practice singing, consider to reduce the pitch which is suitable for you.

In fact, to distinct the difficulty of songs is related to your ability to sing high pitch, then

decide what tones you can sing.

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第三步: 不要選難抓拍子的歌曲

例如有些歌曲一開始是完全沒有伴奏的, 或是很多抒情歌的最後一句都會減慢節奏,會令您難以抓拍子和音高。

緊記: 於決定要唱的歌之前,先唱唱只有純音樂的伴奏,嘗試自己能否抓到歌曲的拍子,避免您於不確定拍子時造成尷尬。

緊記: 於練習唱歌時,不要一直跟著原唱唱,要跟著伴奏來練習,以免模仿到原唱的唱腔,失去您本來唱腔的特色,能使您於比賽時能隨著伴唱自己發揮。

第四步: 歌曲難度不要超出自己的歌唱能力範圍



其他小貼士: 如果您發現練習唱歌時還是感到困難,可考慮降低歌曲的音調。


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