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5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out #1

5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out #1


The keys to a powerful voice that won’t burn out are all about your foundational vocal technique. Without a strong professional technique, you’ll easily burn out at the most inopportune times. Follow the following 5 Keys to a Powerful Voice That Won’t Burn Out!

1. A Vocal Technique That Builds Up From the Foundation

A good vocal technique should build your voice, from the foundation up or onto an existing technique and correct problems and issues like nasality, throatiness, and overall poor technique. If your vocal technique exercises do not strengthen you, something is not right with the technique itself.

Good vocal technique should help you lower the tongue, raise the palate, improve resonance, improve diaphragmatic breathing, master breath control and vocal placement. It should also increases your overtone series which develops tone and power. Only the right technique or the right instruction should make you feel improvements in the areas mentioned above as you practice the technique.

Tip: Vocal technique is best practiced at a moderate volume, this can improve your singing technique and precision.

Hopefully this help you to commit to your vocal practice and blow people (and yourself) away with your voice!

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1. 從基礎建立的聲樂技術





Book A Trial / 預約試堂 : / Whatsapp 9698-1248

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