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6 Important things about singing #5

6 Important things about singing #5

關於唱歌的重要事項 #5

There are many different philosophies on what is most important when it comes to singing, but the most significant thing about singing is passion. It’s pulling the heartstrings of the person listening to the song. Here are the six main aspects to think about or to bring up to your own vocal coach:

5. Phrasing

Phrasing is how you make the notes move with the music, using breath and dynamics. Where you breathe, and how loud and soft you are. The easiest way to explain it is, “You wouldn’t breathe in the middle of a word, would you?” The same thing goes with music, only in a larger definition. With dynamics, if your angry and speaking out about something, you wouldn’t be quiet about it, if you were sad and alone, you wouldn’t be loud. You would be whispering.

Tips: If it makes sense when you say it, sing it that way. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different phrasing. Try it at different dynamics, breathe in different places, till you feel it sounds right.

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關於唱歌最重要的是什麼不同的哲學,但唱歌最重要的是熱情,因為它正在拉動聽這首歌的人的心弦。 以下是思考或培養自己的聲樂教練的六個主要方面:


措辭是指如何使用音樂,使用呼吸和動態來使音符隨音符移動。 你呼吸的地方,你有多大聲和柔軟。解釋它的最簡單的方法是,“你不會在一個詞的中間呼吸,是嗎?”同樣的事情與音樂一樣,只是在更大的定義中。有了動感,如果你生氣並且說出某些事情,你就不會對此保持沉默,如果你感到悲傷和孤獨,你就不會大聲說話。你會低語。

小貼士:如果說出來有意義的話,就這樣唱吧。 不要害怕嘗試不同的措辭。 嘗試不同的動態,在不同的地方呼吸,直到你覺得它聽起來是正確的。

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