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8 Vocal Techniques to be a better voice #7

8 Vocal Techniques to be a better voice #7

8個令聲音更悅耳的歌唱技巧 #7

All of us have a singing voice, but not everyone has developed proper vocal techniques in order to be sure where to find or how to use that voice. If you have ever considered yourself a “less talented” singer, don’t worry ! Have a look of the following tips !

Vocal Tip 7: Practice, practice and practice

As you move from the casual singer in the car to progressing toward live performances, you need to appreciate the importance of practice. Not only your chosen songs repetitively but your strengthening skills that lead you to master your singing. You need to know: where, when, and how long to practice.Where is an easy one. Somewhere that you will not be disturbed and will not disturb others. You should be able to move around in a comfortable space. Preferably where there’s a mirror. When to practice is based on your own availability and circumstances. Make yourself a schedule and concentrate on practicing before your performance.

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當您從汽車中的休閒歌手轉向現場表演時,您需要明白練習的重要性。不僅衹是爲了重複練習你選擇的歌曲,而是爲了強化你的歌唱技能以令你讓你可以好好掌握自己的聲音。 你需要知道:練習的地點,時間和時間。這是一個簡單的方法。再地點方面,應該去一個你不會被打擾,也不會打擾別人的地方。同時,你應該選擇一個你能夠在舒適的空間里四處走動,并且最好是有鏡子的地方。 什麼時候練習是基於你自己的可用性和情況。 在表演之前,讓自己制定一個時間表並集中精力練習。

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