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唱歌以外:趣談笛子 Beyond Singing: Dizi

除了學唱歌,我們也很鼓勵小朋友學唱歌以外的音樂知識!香港很多小朋友都學鋼琴,因此我們這輯文章暫時不談鋼琴了,就談中樂吧! 這是什麼樂器?

它就是中國傳統的樂器之一-笛子。 笛子可是早期製成的樂器。中西方亦有笛子如長笛和短笛等。笛子種類中大多數是橫著吹,但其實當中的直笛,它是豎著吹奏。然而以近代的樂器分類法-「豎簫橫笛」,大概直笛也是會被歸為簫的一種吧!


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We have been talking a lot about how to sing and how to sing better! What about if we learn something other than singing? These few blog articles will introduce you to a number of interesting Chinese instruments!

Wonder what this instrument is? The fourth Chinese instrument is Dizi which was made in an early time. The Chinese flutes are almost horizontal end-blow whereas the Western flutes are vertical end- blow.

P.S. Many Hong Kong kids attend after school music activities. While learning to play the piano or other instruments certainly can bring many benefits to a kid, there is one unique benefit about singing - it is the only music music activity that helps a kid with diction! Moreover, singing is one of the most direct ways for kids to express their emotions and feelings since they are using their body to make music.

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