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Tips on Singing by Microphones: Volume 唱歌的用咪方法-音量

Despite understanding and distance, volume is also an important part in singing with mic. If the mic is placed near to you, you can use lower and softer notes to sing. When you sing till the chorus of a song and have to sing louder, remember to pull back the mic a little bit to avoid distorted sound. Having proper mic technique is of paramount importance, come to Sing and You and learn singing. Enquires: 2146-1188

除了了解咪高峰的設計及擺放距離,唱歌的音量也會影響我們用咪的質素。當咪的距離較近的時候,可以使用較柔和平靜的聲音唱歌。但到副歌這些位置,聲音較大時,就可以把咪拉開一點去避免破音。有正確的用咪技巧非常重要,來Sing and You學習唱歌吧!查詢及預約試堂:2146-1188


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