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爲什麽音樂能營造恐怖氣氛?Why Is Music Sometimes Scary?


恐怖電影的音樂會使用極多的轉音及撞音。整首音樂亦是以不規則的小調爲主,給人一種神秘及詭異的感覺。音樂變化多端,力量强大,來Sing and You學習更多音樂知識吧!查詢:2146-1188


Different types of music gives us different impressions towards them. Vivid music gives us a positive message and keep us in good mood. We sometimes feel scared when we heard the background music of a horror movie, but why?

Music in horror movies use a huge amount of sudden and dissonant sounds. It also focuses on producing irregular notes in minor chords, which gives us a mysterious and creepy intuition. Come to Sing and You for more understanding about the power of music. Enquiry:2146-1188

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