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嬰兒喜歡什麽音樂呢?What Music Do Babies Like?


提示:可在音樂中加入一些孩子喜歡的聲音,例如“Beep-Beep”或者 “Whoo”等等。來Sing and You與我們的聲樂導師學習唱歌吧!電話及查詢試堂:2146-1188

Nursery rhymes are the first taste of music to children. What kind of songs should parents sing to their child? Babies are curious to all kinds of sounds, some simple and repetitive melodies can keep babies tuned into music. Keep the song easy and dynamic to catch your child’s attention. Don’t be afraid of composing some silly songs, it actually works out well with babies.

Tips: Produce more funny sounds like “Beep-Beep” or “Whoo” that babies enjoy. Book a trial at 2146-1188. Don't hesitate and learn singing with our vocal coaches now!

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