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問:小朋友應該幾歲開始學唱歌? Q: At what age should children start singing lessons?

答:除非你的孩子是非常有天賦和成熟,九歲前我不會對她進行聲樂訓練,因為我發現大多數年紀較小的小朋友不會耐心地去學習很詳細聲樂技巧內容。讓他們參加其他音樂 、唱歌活動例如合唱團,鋼琴或小提琴班等等會比較好。 合唱團中老師會教學生一些呼吸或聲樂技巧。

但如果你認為你的小孩真的非常有天份的話,就可以帶他到唱歌學校sing and you做評估, 如果我們的唱歌老師認為他準備好的話,就會試堂。有一點提醒各位家長,許多小朋友在課堂上時都喜歡父母在教室裡看著。 不過我每堂都會錄影,以便父母可以清楚上課情況。打來sing and you 唱歌學校 +852 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp)了解我們課程詳情。

A: Unless your child is talented, otherwise I won’t do voice training with his/ her until nine because I notice that lots of kids don't have the patience to learn singing skills in detail. In my opinion, let them participate in singing and musical activities like choirs, piano or violin lessons would be better. Teachers will teach them some breathing or singing tips.

If you believe your kid is the talent one, take him/ her to our school. We can offer some lecture If our teacher thinks your kid is ready. Bear in mind that many children don't want their parents monitor them in the teaching room so I record every lessons so that the parent can monitor what’s going on in the class. For more information, contact sing and you +852 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp)

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