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問:我每次唱高音時都會走音,該怎麼辦? Q: My voice cracks when I get to high notes.

答:這可能是因你將胸腔的聲音推得太高,你應該要加強你的聲帶令自己唱得更高,但是你需要學習如何好好地協調他們,並且用混音控制這些高音。 而通過唱歌老師、優質的CD程式和自我檢討就更能添成效。打來sing and you 唱歌學校 +852 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp)。





A: It maybe is because you’re trying too hard to push you voice from chest. You should improve your vocal cords in order to sing higher, but you also need to learn to coordinate them and handle it with mix register. It’s even better if you got a professional singing teacher, good CD voice program and self-reflection. Get some help from sing and you +852 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp). At the same time, follow these steps before hitting high notes:

1)Inhale as deep as possible while lifting your eyebrows. 2) Keep your eyebrows lifted, then sing the note at volume 8.5 or 9 (10 is full volume) 3) If the high note is on a syllable with an open vowel like "Ah", drop your jaw.


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