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一個專業表演者要知道的3件事情 What you need to know as a performing artist


1)好好保護自己的嗓子和聲帶。 如果你不懂檢查自己的頭音,胸音,混音,不懂好好保養聲帶,嗓子會很容易壞。不好好護理聲音,等於慢慢扼殺它的生命,因此歌手必須常常留意自己的聲音,才能帶給觀衆最好的演出。



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Have you experienced going to a concert of your favourite singer whom, to your disappointment, sounded very different from how he or she sounds on the records? Inevitably, most singers sound better on the records than when they sing live. As a performing artist, there are a number of things you should know in order not to disappoint your audience.

  1. Know how to protect your voice If you have no idea how to determine if your various vocal ranges (head voice, chest voice and mixed voice) are good, you are very likely to gradually wreck your voice over time

  2. Know how to warm up your voice thoroughly You need to know how to warm up your voice to the best condition so that you can sing exactly like how you sound on the record. Otherwise you are very likely to miss some important nuances in a song which your fans expect from your voice.

  3. Care about your fans Your fans love you and are eager to hear you sing well. Don’t disappoint them. Avoid alcohol, smoking and overworking your voice especially before a show. Maintain a healthy lifestyle so that your voice is always at the best condition at each performance.

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