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腹式呼吸 Abdominal breathing

我們說話時通常用喉嚨控制呼吸,但唱歌時需要其他更有效的呼吸方法。如果唱歌用喉嚨控制呼吸,喉嚨附近的肌肉很快便會感到疲勞。而腹式呼吸是運用橫隔膜控制呼吸,橫隔膜位於肺與胃之間,是一塊平而厚的肌肉。當我們深深吸氣時可將橫隔膜向下收縮,一方面令肺部有更多位儲氣,另一方面要訓練橫隔膜去控制「深吸慢呼」。即是訓練橫隔膜的力度,,氣慢而有力地呼出,亦能冲上頭上的共鳴腔。想知道更多?來sing and you唱歌學校21461188或96981248(whatsapp)。

While speaking, we usually use throat to breathe, but we need a more effective breathing way when we sing. If you use the throat to control breathing when singing, the muscles near the throat will soon be tired. Abdominal breathing is to use the diaphragm to control breathing. Diaphragm located between the lungs and stomach, which is flat and thick. When we inhale, the diaphragm shrink down. On the one hand, it save more space for the lung. On the other hand, it trains our diaphragm to control the "deep inhalation, slow exhalation." That is the training of the diaphragm, so that the breathing will be slow and strong. Also, it can rush to the resonance cavity. If you want to know more, call sing and you 21461188 or 96981248(whatsapp).


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