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April 21 - Kindergarten Day 幼稚園日

4 月 21 日是德國教育家福祿貝爾的生日。他在1837 年創立了第一所「幼稚園」,主張小朋友應該自由探索、追隨自己的興趣。所以現在的幼兒園會讓小朋友唱歌、跳舞、畫畫,探索興趣! 有些學生和Celine一樣從小就跟校長Steve學習唱歌呢!

April 21 is the birthday of German educator Fröbel, He founded the first "kindergarten" in 1837, proposing that children should be free to explore and follow their own interests. So today's kindergartens let children sing, dance, draw, and explore their interests! Some students have learned to sing with Principal Steve from an early age, just like Celine!

世界之巔Top of the World“女兒和父親二重唱”ft. AGT Celine 和Steve聲樂教練

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